dinsdag 2 november 2010

I smiled, and you noticed.

Since last June I am taking singing classes. I have them every Tuesday, and afterwards I am allways euphoric.
My teacher, who is just a little older than me and goes to a music school, is the best thing that could happen to me, I think. She believes in me, which I didn't, before. Because no one did.
She is now helping me writing songs. Before I was so hard on myself. Everything was bad, in my opinion, and I was stupid, not making sense. But now she taught me that you don't have to write a perfect song. especially not the first time. Just write 100 songs, throw 99 out, and have 1 beautiful song left.
So today, I finally wrote my song. And it’s not perfect, so I love it, and she loves it too. This is the first time I am really proud of myself. The first time I allow myself to be happy about something I made. And if someone doesn’t like it, I think I can handle that now. So next week we will record it and I'll put it on my blog.
And If you like it, that’s okay.
But if you don't. That’s okay too.
I like it. That’s what matters.

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